Community networks

The Cloudy GNU/Linux distribution is made mainly thinking in the community networks. Actually is used some community networks, and specially in the community, which has also been very involved in the Cloudy development.

Users in community networks can make their own cloud with the Cloud toolkit.

The network is open, free and neutral, with an interconnection agreement: the License of commons FONN (XOLN in Catalan).

Is open to guarantee it is known how it is built, and can be maintained and expanded without depending in only one enterprise. The users can connect to the network by themselves or can contract a company they trust to do it.

Is free because no one impose restrictions; speed is not limited because the network belongs to the users, and they have no interest in limiting the speed nor the performance. This is what the traditional ISPs usually limit by price.

Is neutral regarding the contents. Inside the network can travel any content that anyone need; obviously without breaking the law. is an hybrid network that uses the best technologies to empower the users to bring themselves the network with up tu 1 Gbps connections. And, of course, everyone can be user of the network; an infrastructure that is a common good.