High availability services in microcloud@home with Cloudy on several Raspberry Pi

The goal is to have high availability of the services we deploy at home in case any of the Raspberry Pi gets disconnected.
The hardware we used were three Raspberry Pi.

The solution to achieve high availability consisted of a set of software components, hardware and open technologies, i.e. Raspberry, Cloudy, Docker, Swarm, Node-Red, Mosquitto, keepalived, syncthing, which we integrated to make up the local microcloud, an infrastructure that we can run at home.
We use keepalived to have a floating IP to access the cluster services in the event of a node failure.
The configuration of the containers is replicated with the SyncThing software.

The obtained microcloud offers high availability to any Docker service that we execute on the nodes and has the following characteristics:

– It is scalable and flexible, allowing us to add more nodes, internal or external, to adjust the resources of the microcloud to our needs.
– Thanks to the technology of Docker Swarm, it allows executing complex distributed systems of pre-configured services from a single configuration file.
– It gives us full control over our services.
– It gives us full control over our data.
– The cost is less than 50 Euros per computing node.

Reference (in Spanish):
José Elías Rael Gutierrez: Diseño e implementación de una microCloud abierta para IoT