Cloudy first stable release!

We are proud to announce the first release of a stable version of Cloudy!

As you know, Cloudy is a distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux developed under the CLOMMUNITY project.

This distro is inspired in the idea of the old Guinux, made to facilitate the deployment, management and share of network cloud services. It’s intended especially for the community network users.



How to get started

Firstly you can get an ISO image in the Download section or you can generate it directly from the sources. Then, you only have to install it booting this image like another Linux distribution.

In the Get started section you have all the information you need to start with Cloudy; i.e. how to get it, how to install and update the system, and the first steps once it’s installed.




Cloudy it’s a FLOSS Linux distribution, it means that is made by and for the community, and you can contribute freely to it, not only directly in the development but giving feedback and collaborate with the developers.

Therefore, in the Contribute section, you will find how to:

  • Get the code to contribute in the development.
  • Report bugs in the issue track.
  • Give feedback or ask whatever you want related to Cloudy within the mailing lists.




We hope that you will enjoy Cloudy and you get benefit from it in your network services deployments.


The Cloudy Team.

CitizenSqKm project uses Cloudy as a base for installing its software

A server with Cloudy distro has been installed in the UPC and has been connected to the network, with the software developed in the CitizenSqKm project. Also there is a mirror server installed in the Hangar node in Barcelona.

You can enter to the project’s website accessible via Internet ( or via Guifi network ( and, or using a Guifi DNS server with the same domain).

The idea of CitizenSqKm arises in the CONFINE European project with the concern to investigate how the community networks can benefit the European Union citizenship. It is a map where people will make an inventory of the “things” in the neighbourhood; like institutions, commerces, historic buildings, plants, temperatures, etc.; with the aim to overcome the information linked to the territory and classified by author, source and topic.


The project is going to be presented publicly in January 15th, 2015 in Hangar.

Enlarge the map

New services supported in Cloudy

We have recently added new services to be managed easily via Cloudy web interface.

These services can be installed and configured via “Clommunity” menu.

  • Syncthing: is an open-source file synchronization client/server application.
  • OpenVZ Web Panel: helps to create and to manage OpenVZ based virtual machines with the Web Panel software.

More info can be found in the Features section.