Here you can download Cloudy ready to install.

Cloudy is an active project which is in constant development, however from time to time we freeze it to a stable version.
· Stable: it is the recommended version because it has been tested to be stable enough to be in production.
· Unstable: a nightly build branch with the changes made every day. Be careful if you use this version.

Read here how to install Cloudy.


  • cloudy.README: md5 hash (checksum) and list of additional packages added to Cloudy.
  • cloudy.container.tar.gz: linux container template.
  • cloudy.iso: ISO image to install from removable devices.
  • docker.cloudy.iso: special ISO image with Docker builtin (currently outdated).

Source code repository

Alternatively, you can go to the repository to get the source code to build the image by yourself.

Read here how to build Cloudy.