Home Cloud System

How to build a Cloud enviroment in your home (WiP)

You can build the Home Cloud System with the following components:

1) Cloudy distribution: It contains the services and applications that you use in your home cloud and that you share with the community. Cloudy comes with a some basic applications and support services for the community cloud, but you can add your own services, either for personal use or shared.
You can install Cloudy either directly on an embedded computer/home gateway/PC, or in a VM or container.

2) Confine distribution: An OpenWRT-based Linux distribution for low-resource devices (e.g. embedded computer/home gateways) in which you can create Linux Containers to deploy services (such as the Cloudy distribution). The Confine distribution is installed in your embedded computer or home gateway.

3) Controller platform: A Django-based Web application which allows you to create Linux Containers in your embedded computer or home gateway which run the Confine distribution.

4) QMP (Quick Mesh Project): An OpenWRT based system to be installed in routers or small devices wioth radios (802.11) to connect quickly devices in ad hoc network.